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Crips vs Ms13

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The Crips are a primarily, but not exclusively, African-American gang. They were founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1969 mainly by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams. What was once a single alliance between two autonomous gangs is now a loosely connected network of individual sets, often engaged in open warfare with one another. –Editor's choicemore
Mara Salvatrucha (commonly abbreviated as MS, Mara, and MS-13) is a transnational criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles and has spread to other parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. The majority of the gang is ethnically composed of Central Americans and active in urban and suburban areas. In the U.S., the MS-13 has an especially heavy presence in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California; the Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas of Fairfax County, Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Prince George's County, Maryland; Long Island, New York; the Boston, Massachusetts area; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Houston, Texas. There is also a presence of MS-13 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. –Editor's choicemore
Years active1969–present1980s–present
TerritoryUnited StatesNorth America, Central America
EthnicityMostly African AmericanMostly Salvadorans
Membership30,000 to 35,00070,000
Criminal activitiesDrug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, burglary, theftDrug trafficking, robbery, Larceny, human trafficking, extortion, illegal immigration, murder, prostitution, racketeering, battery, kidnapping and arms trafficking.
AlliesFolk Nation, Gangster Disciples, La Raza Nation, Black Guerrilla Family, JuggalosSinaloa Cartel, Gulf Cartel, La Familia Michoacana, Mexican Mafia, Yakuza, Los Zetas
RivalsBloods, People Nation, Ñetas, Hoover Criminals The Avenues18th Street gang, Juarez Cartel, Los Negros, Sombra Negra, Tijuana Cartel, Beltrán-Leyva Cartel, The Rascals, Bloods, Crips, Hoover Criminals Latin Kings, Juggalos
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